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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 10, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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it's school yard polics, right? >> this isn't a unique restaurant, it's gotten so bad the prime minister has called on legislators to apologize. the correct answer to our gps challenge question was d. you might be surprised to know there are still 46 countries with combat troops in afghanistan. go to our website for more. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. you're in the cnn newsroom this sunday, july 10th, i'm fredericka whitfield. with the final edition of britain's "news of the world" on the stands rupert murdoch arrived in london today. his company's british subsidiary closed it after news that they
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hacked the phone of a teenager who was dead. a strong earthquake rocked japan's northeastern quake. today's 7.1 tremor prompted tsunami add advisories later canceled. there are no reports of injuries or damage. china no longer a rising world power. instead china has arrived. those words today from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen in beijing in a four-week visit. china's growing military strength comes with an obligation to the world. >> greater military power must come greater responsibility, greater cooperation and just as important, greater transparency. without these things the expansion of military power in your region rather than making it more secure and stable, could have the opposite effect.
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>> this china trip is one of admiral mullen's final acts as joint chiefs chairman. he retires this fall. now to the white house where in just four hours, heated deficit reduction talks could further intensify. president obama and congressional leaders will come face to face attempting to bridge a bipartisan divide that has widened dramatically over the last 24 hours alone. dan, what caused the talks to derail last night? and what impact will that have on the meetings scheduled for tonight? >> reporter: two very good questions, house speaker john boehner threw in the towel after saying that the white house and democrats continue to insist the way to raise revenue was by raising taxes on the wealthy. as you know, the president and democrats have been looking to come up with revenue by closing tax loopholes and getting rid of some of the breaks for wealthier americans. that's the reason john boehner
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says the talks have broken down on the big deal. the white house pushing back saying that boehner had initially agreed to tax increases as part of a deal. where does it go from here? the white house saying that the president still at that meeting today will be pushing for that big deal because they don't believe this is the time to back down. but no doubt, the latest developments will put a great amount of pressure on these talks this evening. >> there has been some compromise. why though might that not be enough to kind of put things back on track? >> reporter: that's right. the compromise you're talking about there, at one point the democrats and president in particular had said that social security and medicare would not be part of this overall deal but in recent weeks the president has been warming up to the idea and putting social security and medicare on the table. but there's been a lot of pressure from the left from liberal democrats who don't believe that some of the hardest working americans should be paying the price while the
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wealthiest americans are getting off with these tax breaks. so it will be interesting to see where we go from here. one thing we do know, the white house has been very clear about saying the president will not accept any kind of treasury sa there's no plan b and whether or not the president could invocation section 4 of the 14th amendment that would allow him to continue borrowing money, the white house saying that's not something they are looking to. republicans are saying, let's go back to these biden talks where they had identified up to $2.5 or so trillion that they can work with. perhaps that framework is what they'll go back to but the white house saying the president still wants to push for the bigger deal. >> dan lothian at the white house. that meeting is scheduled to take place 6:00 eastern time. let's explain further on this. the ceiling is a cap set by congress on the amount of debt
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the federal government can borrow when it is spending more than it can afford to pay off. the treasury department says they need to raise the ceiling by august 2nd or risk defaulting on the loans. if that happens, here's how you might be affected. the dollar, u.s. dollar may plummet and interest rates could skyrocket. the federal government says just a 1% rise in interest rates could cost taxpayers $973 billion over the next ten years. >> the public will have two chan chances to say good-bye to former first lady betty ford. first service will be held tuesday in palm desert, california. the second two days later in grand rapids, michigan. she'll be intered alongside her husband on the grounds of the ford presidential museum in grand rapids. all right, britain's royal couple wraps up the first official visit to the u.s. today. this hour they are expected to
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tour a los angeles youth center on skid row. last night they rubbed shoulders with hollywood's elite with a gala sponsored by the british academy of film and television after an afternoon of polo. a live report on the newlyweds in about 20 minutes from now. and now there are ten aboard the tirn national space station. the shuttle "atlantis" with four crew members arriving three hours ago for one final visit of iss. joining me in the kennedy space center, the crew seemed excited to see each other. we saw the videotape of the reunion. >> reporter: fredericka, right on cue, nasa punched out a live from picture from the space station. we can see the crew members on station now, all ten. the six crew members from the space station and the four shuttle astronauts all on board there. as you mentioned earlier today,
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they actually opened the hatch between the two vehicles and it was the last time that this kind of an event will take place. the space shuttle docking with the international space station, they were so far ahead of the time line they ended up opening the hatch 30 minutes early allowing the astronauts to get on board the station that much earlier and start getting acclimated to the tours and things they need to do in the next few days. i want you and viewers to look at this other piece of video that we have. it's just really fascinating to watch. and this took place as the shuttle was approaching the international space station below the space station and what the commander chris ferguson did was he actually did a back flip in space. he took the shuttle and the shuttle "atlantis" and flipped it over in space so that you could see from the space station
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the crew on space station could look at the underside, the belly of "atlantis." with three different cameras, 1,000 that they had cameras of all different lengths they were using to photo image the belly of the space shuttle just in case there was any damage to the thermal protection system there during the ascent. of course, all of those pictures will not be analyzed by mission managers but that's just such a cool piece of video to see a shuttle doing a back flip in space. we had to bring that to everybody. >> it's cool stuff. especially for us laymen, we know it has a lot of meaning for nasa and scientists there inspecting the skin of that shuttle. real quick, what will "atlantis" crew be doing? i know they've taken quite a hefty pay load. what will they do in the last visit? >> reporter: that's what they are going to be doing. they had 7,000 to 8,000 pounds of food and supplies and backup
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computers, all kinds of stuff over the course of the next few days they'll be moving from the space shuttle onto the space station and they are also going to be taking stuff, old junk off of the space station and hauling it back to earth on the space shuttle. that's the primary goal this mission, stocking up the space station so they have a year's worth of supplies. >> neat stuff. thanks so much for bringing all of that to us, john zarrella. we have a little trivia for you now. this is the last time "atlantis" will be docking at the interspashl space station here's a little bit more. how many launches have there been to the international space station? we'll have an answer for you right after this. i remember the days before copd.
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before we t break we asked how many launches have there been to the international space station? and the answer, 103 launches. 67 were russian vehicles and 34 were space shuttles and one japanese and one european vehicle as well. a major rescue operation is going on right now russia's biggest river, a cruiseship sank in the vulga with more than 180 people on board. one person is confirmed dead and only a few dozen have been rescued so far. in india, 13 cars of a packed train jumped the tracks today. rescue officials confirm 27 deaths already and say the number will rise as they search the wreckage. >> in china, two coal minors trapped below ground for more than a week were pulled to the
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surface today. they are alive and reported well. at least a dozen others are still missing. the mine collapsed july 2nd. after 168 years," news of the world" is no more. they published the last issue today with a victim of outrage over the report that it hacked the phone of a missing teenage girl. we understand rupert murdoch is there in london and last been seen leaving his town house and had with him one of top editors, rebecca brooks with him and said to the crowd there that she is his top priority, what more can you tell us about this? >> reporter: yeah, clearly rupert murdoch is here personally handling this crisis and showing very publicly his support for rebecca brooks, even though there have been a number of calls for her either to
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resign or to be sacked. so it does seem that rupert murdock is taking a personal hand in this at this point. i do have a copy of the final edition here. thank you and good-bye. in this edition, the paper is clearly proud of the 168 years of history but it has also offered an apology saying, quote, there is no justification for this appalling wrong doing. we have to see in the next few days what happens but it does seem for now he is giving his full support to rebecca brooks. >> what about the 200 to 300 employees of the "news of the world", many of them worked a full day putting out the last issue. did they have anything to say at the end of their work day? >> reporter: well, it does seem that it was really just a feeling of overwhelming sadness to see such an institution here in britain die. what is really an embarrassing death for this newspaper.
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it was an established newspaper here, covered historic events like the sinking of titaniitani. it was known for the incredible scoops and scandals on yes a lot of celebrities but busting a lot of criminals and pedophile rings and people smugglers. these have been uncovered by "the news of the world." for many employees they were mourning the role that this newspaper played in those stories. so a lot of anger and a lot of bitterness as you can imagine and a lot of questions as to who ultimately will be held responsible. >> thanks so much. in london. appreciate that. the scandal helps beg the question, how difficult is it to hack into a phone line or computer? our next guest knows. he's a professional hacker. wait until you hear what he has to say.
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the news of the world scandal in britain has focused attention on hackers or insiders call it freaking. by the time he was 15 years old launcheding attacks against major websites including he is now a security expert and owner of mafia boy. michael, how does this phone hacking or freaking as you call it, work? >> there's a lot of tools that is basically surround this industry. they have quite a few various tools that will enable them to
11:19 am
tap phones aej received messages. as phones become more sophisticated it's becoming easier because of the blue tooth and various technologies that basically enable these freakers to gain access to your phone. >> easier. news of the world listened to messages on a missing teenager's phone and erased some to make room for new calls. can you explain how they were able to do that? you say now it is much easier. but do you have to be a guess professional or proefficient to be able to do this. >> you need some expertise in freaking. i'm more on the hacking side where freaking is a subdivision of hacking but they have a few various tools. they need the phone number and there are tools that will grant them access. a lot of them are sophisticated tools that aren't easy to obtain. but it's not as hard as some people might think.
11:20 am
you have to know which tools to use. >> this wasn't exactly what you did or even what anybody accused of you doing. you did this differently. you were 15 years old and you were hacking into websites, a, why did you do that? what was it that you were after? >> i wasn't after monetary gain which is what hacking is about now. it was more testing the status quo. i was part of a hacker war conducted on an internet chat. basically i wanted to show how powerful i had become. i was known for launching denial of service attack which was basically network of compromised computers connected together. all set up to be slaves connected to one primary computer known as a master or hub. from the master you can contrast a command and shut down a website by using incredible
11:21 am
amounts of battling. >> with this kind of competition in this world of hackers? >> oh, yeah, it's a big show of strength and hackers constantly battling out. ten years ago it is more the objective was to show other hackers how good you were and what kind of power you had. >> but you are trying to be elusive within the world of hacking that people might know something about your identity. they may not know it's you but they know it's you, whatever your symbolic name was in this competitive world of hacking? >> that's right. i went by the nickname mafia boy, nobody knew who i really was but everybody goes by an alias or nickname. you have to make your name with the other hackers and make it notorious. >> i understand your knowledge of this world of hacking, certainly means there are certain things you don't do. may not be on facebook like most
11:22 am
folks or use an a.t.m. how can one protect themselves like you are trying to protect yourself against phreaking or hacking. >> i'm on facebook but i limit myself to who i accept and what information i'm putting out there. the fact is information now has monetary value. with that in mind, pz important to keep information we put online to a minimal. it's also important to be aware and stay up to date constantly run scans and change your pass words. my not motto is every time you change your toothbrush, change your password. >> every six months or so? >> exactly. you have to stay one step ahead of hackers, a lot of people have fire walls and they'll get a little box that says to update your anti-virus for some odd reason a lot of people click no when it's very important to stay up to date. constant viruses being relesias
11:23 am
every sang single day. >> we appreciate your time and your advice for those of us who want to protect ourselves against being potentially hacked. up next, the duke and dutchess of chambridge head to skid row for a good cause. [ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tiguan. [ grunts ] it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates.
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a look at the top stories right now. in a few hours, republican and democratic leaders head to the white house to hold deficit talks with president obama. republicans broke off the talks last night saying they will not consider tax hikes as part of any plan. the deficit deal is tied to a proposal to raise the federal
11:26 am
debt cap. the u.s. is with holding $800 million in aid to pakistan. president obama's chief of staff confirmed the move today. william daily says pakistan has quote taken steps that have given us reason to pause. the pakistani military tells cnn it has not been officially informed that aid from washington is being withheld. defense secretary leon panetta is in iraq today. it's his first trip there as head of the pentagon. panetta is meeting with iraqi leaders and u.s. troops scheduled to leave that country at the end of the year. this comes as iraqi leaders debate whether to ask the u.s. to stay beyond 2011. the shuttle "atlantis" arrives at the international space station one last time to a big old embrace. they were welcomed aboard by the current crew. they have a year's worth of supplies and it's going to take both crews about a week to unload all of it. >> the high flying antics of the
11:27 am
blue angels are bringing thousands of spectators to pensacola beach this weekend. the huge crowds are providing a much needed boost for the gulf coast economy after last year's oil spill kept so many people away. >> a federal report is blasting how probe officers handled the case of philly glip garrido. he was a registered sex offender when dugard was kidnapped in 1991. the report calls the way probation officers supervised garrido quote, clearly substandard. dugard is speaking out publicly for first time while in captivity. she gave birth to two children. in an abc interview, she talks about how she felt when she first saw her newborn daughter. >> very painful but then i saw
11:28 am
her and she was beautiful. i felt like i wasn't alone anymore. i had somebody that was mine. i wasn't alone. >> dugard has also written a book about her ordeal. it is called a stolen life. a week from today casey anthony will be released from jail. some people are wondering if she will face more courtroom drama now that she has been acquitted of murdering her little girl. yesterday i spoke to avery freedman and criminal defense attorney richard hermann about the next legal case anthony could face. >> the amazing thing about that is everybody was assuming, including us that there was going to be a conviction.
11:29 am
so when zen ada gonzalez brought her defamiliaration action, it struck me as frugal and now she has been noticed for a deposition by the lawyer of gonzalez. that case actually has merit because casey published a falsity, said that gonzalez engaged in a felony, criminal kidnapping. so it's going to be one of a number of things we'll be looking at. casey anthony is far from out of the woods. >> does it matter whether they knew each other or not? there's no relationship, they were strangers there is no case. >> there is no case. this case is going to be dismissed. casey couldn't talk while the criminal case was pending for fear of her fifth amendment rights. now she'll give an affidavit and say, this is not the woman i was referring to.
11:30 am
i never had any attempt to defame her because i never knew her or met her. the case is going to be dismissed. absolutely. >> okay. richard, you see differently, real quick. you think there is a case? >> yeah, i mean there is no case. she doesn't know the woman. >> it was an imaginary zenaida. >> it's such an unusual name to imagine. >> i mean, this is all going to come out in discovery, many other things, including the things that didn't come out in the criminal trial won't matter because she won't be charged again but there are going to be a multitude of issues. she couldn't have made the name up. that's ridiculous. of course it will come out. i believe there is a case there. absolutely. >> strong thoughts from avery and richard. you can catch our legal guys every saturday noon eastern time. it's not often that british royalty goes to skid row in los angeles but today is a special occasion. the duke and duchess of cambridge are wrapping up the first official visit to the u.s.
11:31 am
and raising awareness about an arts program that helps inner city kids. have they arrived? >> reporter: they haven't arrived yet, fredericka, we're expecting them to arrive in the next several minutes. after the next day or so the duke and duchess have been treated to the mostero glamouro and reception with hollywood stars last night and members of the british film industry. today a different part of their advice it it. they are at inner city arts. this is a place described as an oasis for up to 10,000 homeless and underprivileged youth every year. this is a very, very important cause for both the duke and duchess of cambridge, they are supporting the idea that the arts can really help better the standard of living for children like these. they will also be leaving
11:32 am
something behind after their advice ivisit. you put your hands in clay, that's what the duke and duchess will be doing later today. after wrapping up here, they go to a job fair across town. and that will be an area where they can meet with veterans that have recently returned from deployment. they are there looking for jobs, very big issue for prince william. >> what an incredible ekrecredi, i know they've had a good time because they looked like they enjoyed themselves but got to be exhausted. >> reporter: it's amazing what that i have seen over the last 48 hours. they must be exhausted. and i'm sure they've had a great time but they'll be happy to be wheels up back on the plane to the u.k. this afternoon. >> we appreciate that. we'll check back with you throughout the afternoon. let's check in with jacqui.
11:33 am
beautiful sunny skies in california. they have great weather. >> it hasn't been terrible. not the case in so many other parts of the country. you think it's summer and hot, get used to it but this really is seriously dangerous heat we're talking about. we've had a number of records yesterday, more may be broken today and kind of a reminder as we look at statistics, heat is the number one or close to the number one weather related fatality. we see more due to heat than anything else. the red bars you see on the gras graphics, we 138 deaths last year. the ten-year average is a little shy than that. we're talking heat and floods, the two big weather related killers. keep that in mind in the upcoming days to not exert yourself outdoors because this will build. we're talking about the heat index rising tomorrow compareded
11:34 am
to where we are today. look at the pink starting to show up. these are no longer heat advisories but heat warnings. meaning it won't take long for your body to get overheated to a situation where you could become ill or possibly die. don't forget about the neighbors and pets. 107 in memphis. dallas a couple of heat relate the deaths last week, up to 99 now and we're looking at triple digits into next week. these are the temperatures on the thermometer as you head back to work or maybe kids are going to summer camp. look at the temperatures your body will feel. approaching 100 to as much as 115. give them lots of water. last weather story, want to mention real quick, threat of severe thunderstorms across the upper midwest. this will be breaking out late today and into tonight, possibly carrying into the overnight hours, be aware in minneapolis and des moines and chicago towards tomorrow morning. >> key word with the heat. you mentioned it, hydrate.
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perhaps you're heading on
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vacation, don't forget the gadget, joining me now mark saltzman. you have three interesting gadget or gizmos that are ideal for travel. what do you think for us? all of this will be under $50, right? >> that's right. we'll start off with one that's $39, it's a pocket sized usb charger called the v-11. it's smaller and lighter than a deck of cards. yet it can charge up your digital cameras or smart phone or ipod, portable game system and so on. it comes with multiple tips. you can fit the right one for your device like this black december berry, take something called a microusb. you put on the tip after you charged this up then press the button and it charges it up. if you have an iphone or ipod touch, you can take the cable and plug it into the top of the
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v-11 and it will charge up an iphone, 1.5 times on a single charge. it snaps in and you don't have to get that anxiety when you're running out of juice on the gadget and there's no plug in sight. >> that's really remarkable. then we know people do want to take with them their tablets and all of that good stuff. you've got an attachment for that too. >> a wireless attachment if that's not an oxymoron, it's from verbatim. look at this. pretty cool. it's a small little key board that works with smartphones and tablets and doesn't matter what the make it or model as well as it's blue tooth enabled. chances are it is. it will use that wireless technology so if you want to do travel blogging or you want to write in a diary, digital diary or lengthy e-mails a touch screen doesn't cut it. you want a full sized key board like a real computer without having to lug around a heavy
11:40 am
laptop. this is a great compromise, it's $49 and foldable, plut has little buttons for media keys. if you want to play your music and multitask, you have that one touch away. the only catch is it doesn't support or recharge your gadget, you need to put your iphone or blackberry or android device on the table then you're good to go. i like this one, $49. >> the accessory business is phenomenal. let's talk about you get on the plane and maybe you don't want to be so chatty or don't want to hear others be chatty. there's a way to fly in peace. >> that's right. usually noise canceling headphones are in the hundreds of dollars, like a high end pair of bose. but sony has this pair. nc-7s. it uses active noise cancellation, that means there is electronics in here that listens to a.m. bee ent noise
11:41 am
and cancels out the wavelength so you hear nothing. it cancels 87.5% of noise around you. you can listen to music or not. it does have a plug and extender foreairline plugs but you can connect it to your favorite smartphone or mp3 player for nice isolated noise. this is $49. >> that folds up and that makes it great and portable? >> yeah and again, some of these are hundreds of dollars. the pair that i've been using for a couple of year are from bose. when the battery goes, you can't even use them as a regular set of headphones ats all. you have to wait until you charge up the battery. this takes one aaa battery and you don't needs to listen to music. it's still -- it will still work as a regular pair of headphones. >> nice stuff.
11:42 am
i know you were watching the royals because they were in your lovely backyard in canada. we continue to watch them. i know you can't see what i'm seeing right now. i'll describe it for you. they are in southern california right now. they've just arrived at the youth center there in the los angeles area. the duke and duchess of cambridge there and they are shaking hands and spending face time with the young ones. this is an art center, really great escape for a number of children there who's families have fallen on hard times. they have had an incredible last three days in california. you saw the pictures of them yesterday arriving at a fundraiser polo match which the prince's team helped win. they were also at the star-studded event last night with hollywood royalty if you will, if a lot of hollywood celebrities and now they are meeting up with some of the
11:43 am
younger celebrities of los angeles, the young artists there at this youth center. we'll continue to watch the visit of the duke and duchess there in cambridge throughout the afternoon. south sudan, it's a new country this weekend and now refugees living in the united states will decide whether or not they will return to their home country. i remember the days before copd.
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11:46 am
washington after talks were broke off on the issue of tax hikes. president obama will meet with republican and democratic leaders to get negotiations back on track. it's tied to a proposal to raise the federal debt limit before the government starts defaulting on loans. the issue fueled heated debate on the sunday morning talk shows. >> where would you compromise with democrats? >> you know, my sense is i would be willing to do less spending cuts now in exchange for a balanced budget amendment in the future. i think that's really what we need is as back stop. that's what i hope republicans will stand firm on. you know, candy, you've been around long enough to know, nothing gets done in washington unless there is a crisis or their backs are to the wall. >> at the end of the day what we're seeing the priority of the republican colleagues is not to get a deficit reduction deal. it's to protect special interest tax breaks for big corporations. we had the corporate jet
11:47 am
loophole and big oil and gas companies and folks at the very top of the income ladder. i listen to my friend kevin say these are all small businesses. as you pointed out it just isn't true. >> and for the latest political news, you know exactly where to go, cnn woman: saving for our child's college fund was getting expensive. man: yes it was. so to save some money, we taught our 5 year old how to dunk. woman: scholarship! woman: honey go get him. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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>> this is the celebration before the hard work begins.
11:50 am
people of south sudan this weekend welcome their independence and world recognition as africa's 54th country. they have fought a civil war for 50 years. embassy for the republic of south sudan also opened yesterday in washington d.c. the man in the cowboy hat, take a look right there is the new and first president of south sudan. he hosted franklin graham today, the sun of reverend billy graham. he runs a charity active in you sudan and now south sudan and tells cnn the people of the world's newest country are embarking on a long road to stability. >> there's a lot of work that needs to be done. you've got the right now the mountains where bashir's air force is attacking, bombing civilian areas in the mountains right now as we sit here today when we were celebrating peace yesterday, his air force was
11:51 am
bombi bombing. tens of thousands of people born in sudan and living in this country are cheering their homeland's independence day. in the cnn exclusive interview i spoke to a man and woman who fled sudan for their lives and now eager to return. >> this must be a very exciting time, especially to hear that southern sudan becomes the united nation's 193rd member and africa's 54th country. what does it mean to hear that? >> oh, very, very exciting. half of me is empty and half of me is excited. the emptiness is the people that i have lost you know, for this war. i have lost a lot of relatives, lost a lot of friends. and so the emptiness is there but the excitement to be able to
11:52 am
see that we are free and to be able to see that our people work so hard, you know, to get our generation of freedom is very good. >> it seems like it is very difficult to look forward without looking back. 2 million people killed over 50 years span of civil wars. you and i spoke a few months ago how meaningful it was to be able to cast that vote. >> that is the outcome. we were fighting for for 21 years and we lost life and we have made a lot of challenges, not a stoppable moment until we come -- the same period we took to referendum, the same period we are going to take tonight to show the whole world what our brothers and sisters have offered themselves has come to an end. >> i wonder, southern sudan,
11:53 am
rich in natural resources and rich in oil and rich in farmland. do you worry that this separation two nations of sudan, northern and southern sudan will create new reasons for more war or does it promote new peace? >> i feel it is a blessing that because infrastructure is so great. if you look at our country right now, there's hardly anything. and so this oil should be able to help us, you know, to build whatever we don't have. we need to catch up with civilization. we need to catch up with the rest of the world. >> will either one of you find yourself going to your new country any time soon? >> of course i have been planning to go -- >> oh, fredericka, i am going to
11:54 am
this year. i am planning to go this year. also, i'm planning to move to my native country for good because i know america has given me a lot. i mean education, jobs, i was able to support my family because by being here and i know even though i am in a health care system here, they need me more back home. >> thanks so much to both of you. have safe travels when you make it back so sudan. >> we appreciate it. >> the june jobless number was as good as some experts expected and now some economists are saying the outlook overall is also bleak. thanks to the venture card from capital one,
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11:58 am
of a decline. we're at 9.2 right now. economists are worried about lingering effects from the earthquake in japan and high oil prices and lack of confidence in the economy. poppy? >> thanks so much, alison. also last week, the government expanded a program aimed at helping homeowners who don't have a job. it aims to delay foreclosure proceedings. in the most extreme cases, struggling borrowers may be allowed to delay payments to 12 months. it's only for fha loans and lenders who participate in the government's mortgage modification program. now the idea is to give unemployed homeowners some breathing room while they search for a job then of course in the end they will have to pay back what they owe on their mortgage. back to you. >> thanks so much, ladies, you can get your financial fix every day on cnn >> let's look at our top story,
11:59 am
we already know they are very athletic and know they are very social. let's see how artistic the duke and duchess of cambridge are. they are at the inner city arts festival right now live pictures actually of princess katherine already put a smok on before she sat down and now at an easy at the direction of one of the children there. and then on the other side of her just to her back, prince william. he too apparently is at an easel and doing art work. they are kind of capping off their three-day visit to california. we've seen them in just about every kind of venue you can imagine. we saw them at the polo match and star-studded hollywood star-studded event last night. instead of they trying to meet up with all of hollywood royalty. hollywood royalty was trying to get face time with them. we'll keep you posted on the last of the california visit. ll


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